Falling in Stilettos
What if one day you woke up and your life
wasn't as your remembered it?  Who would
you be?

A Novel By Jeneth Blackert

This isn't like any book you've ever read. This is like the Celestine Prophecy meets Shopaholic!

A Funny Novel + You’ll Learn:

  • How to come out of mixed emotions and in-congruency so you can fall into true self clarity with ease.
  • What to do when your heroine is rattled and everything seems like a big mess of rain and mud! 
  • A way to fall into you, to know you and be you with greater, ease, and clarity especially when everything has been turned upside down.
  • The art of focused attention and presence. And how to be in and with conflict without it impacting and twisting your emotions
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Jeneth Blackert

Author + Founder of Real Raw You

Jeneth Blackert is known to be the most sought after inner-game and high performance facilitator and consultant in the holistic and alternative nutrition and health communities.

She's famous for facilitating teams that create wildly extreme personal freedom and a feeling of embodiment and flow in life.

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