Sexy Money! How to Receive The Yumminess of Wealth in Through Your Infinite Body & Being

I know the struggle of having issues with money, financial flows, and just plain personal checkout. I have experienced that pain and I want help you change that dreadful feeling!

12 Clearing Codes To Unlock Your Wealth

What Are Clearing Codes? Watch This!

Are you angry, frustrated and down-right “ANNOYED” with yourself and your money situation a and how you DON'T FEEL the "yumminess" of life?

Your emotional energies of being angry, frustrated and down-right “ANNOYED” and fretting over your "issues" are distracting you from what is true about you. And the good news is - you can change that primary creative and generative energy and ease with your money and yumminess! (Keep reading to find out how you can be personally taken through this process with me -- Jeneth Blackert, The Change Agent.

You see, receiving is often misunderstood in this reality. You may think that your habits, behaviors and beliefs can only be changed with a massive amount of will power. This information is incorrect -- the desires you receive guide you.

And if you really desire this change you will create it, if you are willing to RECEIVE it!

Each year, millions of people make resolutions to take control over their wealth and their life; and millions of people fail because they try to do it using willpower (conscious mind) alone. This program is not about "willing" or even more information -- it's about the energy you are and how a simple energetic change can CHANGE everything.

This 6-session prerecorded tele-training class is designed to take away the need for conscious willpower so you can haveease in receiving money, wealth, and sex!

Do You Want To Change Your Way of Wealth...

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"What You Receive!"
Here's are the SIX classes and 12-clearing codes you will learn:

Class Number One: CLEAR

Drop the Energetic Blocks, Barriers, Walls To RECEIVING!
Clear and change your energetic charges around the barriers and walls to receiving the money and yumminess in life.
Identify and release limiting thoughts, patterns and energies that you desire to change.

Un-program everywhere you're "hiding" and other "get lost" energies in your life.

Clear all the distraction energies that are simply made up in this reality and stopping us for living limitless.

Class Number Two: OPEN

*Open doors to new energetic pathways.

Open To The RECEIVING FREQUENCY through ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS Through Your Being & Body

Uncreate lineages and past lives where you have literally just "became" it, because others were it! Be the energy of no story.

Release doubt, "trying", "wanting" and probability so you can step into 100% possibility and creativity.

Class Number Three: CREATE

* Create new priorities and adding new energies to greater money, wealth and ease.

Clear control, limitation, definition, form, structure, significance, linearity, and concentricity so you can allow whatever to show up! In other words, recalibrate your comfort zone or better yet demolish it completely.

Become free to be what you choose to be. What would an infinite being choose?*

Class Number Four: BE

* Embody the awareness from abundance of the universe. Learn the communication through the senses within so you navigate the waters of wealth with greater ease.

* Develop a deeper awareness of being in your energy and knowing what's NOT yours and how to change it so it stops "sticking" you.

Uncreate the energies that keep you in judgment, discernment, and discrimination of your money and sex reality! 

Release self judgment around money and sex and step into the trust of you.

Class Number Five: CHOOSE

Release the lies that are keeping you from "really" choosing. Choosing the yumminess of life.

How to really BE and practice “the clearing codes!"

Clear limitations to receiving awareness and choice to establish new potency within

9. NOW
Change the energies that keep us in judgment and distracts us from the NOW moment or at least moments with 10-second increments.

Being the energies you be without competition and exclusion so you can really truly be with another.

"What Potency Can You Be To The Greatest Contribution You Can Be?"

Class Number Six: CONTRIBUTE

How to allow "all of you" to SHOW up and be there for EVERYTHING!
Asking Questions and Receiving Possibility!
How to trust yourself to choose and BE the greatest contribution you can be.

11. FLOW
Money & "Sexy" Energies are our life force for the creation of all we BE.  How to live in the question, possibility, choice, and contribution to continue the creativity and energetic flow.

Explore the sensations of the higher harmonics (beyond thoughts, feelings, and emotions) of YOU and how you'll open the door to receiving, being, perceiving & knowing!  Be the energy that changes others without a word and living in a world where everything is just as it is

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"Thank you Jeneth, for being a trailblazer, a true pioneer"

"Thank you Jeneth, for being a trailblazer, a true pioneer and master of your own soul, a courageous warrior on the path from the head to the heart!"

In our very first session, it felt like the potency of your questions blew out all the crud in my heart and flung its doors wide open. I, now, truly know the meaning of "Eyes Wide Open" for the eyes are the window to the heart and in your exquisitely gentle yet totally powerful way your guidance led me to a self I have been working on reclaiming for years, that now I actually get to just be and totally have.

I have been witnessing your transformation over the last year and it has been so inspiring and such an honor to behold as you authentically walk your talk. Not because its what you were taught or trained to say but because you have chosen to uncover the true you and have been fearless in sharing that transformation with your listeners so that we can see the truth of transformation right before our very eyes.

It has been said that the only thing a master truly masters is him/herself.

Thank you Jeneth, for being a trailblazer, a true pioneer and master of your own soul, a courageous warrior on the path from the head to the heart and for being so generous to share your journey as a guiding light to all walking the uncharted path of the great mystery and reminding us of all the joy contained there.

I am so grateful for your willingness to be who you are and for you sharing your gifts, wisdom and beautiful heart with me and facilitating me on the blossoming of my path.

Yours in sisterhood, love and light!

~ Alecia Evans,

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